Zero-Waste Stocking Stuffers (eco-friendly holiday gift guide)

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Happy holidays, friends!! I know, I know...this post is coming out a little late...subscribe to my newsletter for life updates though!

Anywho, better late than never because I sure am a last minute shopper, especially with stocking stuffers. Last year, I compiled 110 regular gifts to give for the holidays and they all still apply! You can also check out the gifts I personally gave for the holidays in 2019 here.

Here's how this is gunna work: all the brands will be first organized by category and with links to the brands/products so you can shop directly from my site. Nice, right? After that, I will talk about general gifts you can get at bulk stores, second hand stores, or even make yourself. Lastly, I will list some general zero waste/low waste stores you can browse if none of these gifts suit your fancy.

I hope these help you out this holiday season!

Be sure to check out this post here for how to have an eco-friendly holiday season. This is especially important with shopping/shipping this year! Since most of us will be shopping online, it would probably be best to just ship things right to your loved ones home to save on emissions. But, be sure to check out that full post for all the tips :)

Misc. Home:

  1. Rechargeable batteries (don’t forget a port!) (from EBL)

  2. Seeds for flowers, plants, food, and others

  3. Alter-eco chocolate

  4. Organic sleep eye mask (Coyuchi)

  5. Soy candle + planter from Edith

  6. Santi Creations also makes candles

  7. Eco-journals (there are a lot of brands)

  8. Sprout pencils, they grow seeds when you’re done!

  9. Organic Candy Canes from wholesome sweet

  10. Pet-n-Pet compostable poop bags (great for the pet lover friend or family member)

  11. Watch the entire review video here, read the full review here, and watch the full video here to see if the bags actually decompose!

  12. Raw elements natural sunscreen (Affiliate Link)

  13. All-natural bug repellant (Zero Waste Store)

  14. 2021 zero-waste planner (Wild Minimalist)

  15. Charcoal water filters (Tiny Yellow Bungalow)

  16. A plethora of organic hankies (Tiny Yellow Bungalow)

  17. Hemp dog bone toy (Zero Waste Store)

  18. Remedy for poison ivy/oak (Eco Girl Shop)

  19. Recycled inner tube credit card holder (Ethical Shop)

  20. Vegan hot cocoa mix (Ethical Shop)

  21. Vegan fudge (Ethical Shop)

  22. Recycled language learning game (Ethical Shop)

  23. Branching Together eco ornaments made from reclaimed wood and hand burned

  24. Easily strip your homegrown dried herbs with this Branching Together herb stripper made from reclaimed wood


  1. Cloth baby wipes (Wild Minimalist)

  2. Kids bamboo toothbrushes (Wild Minimalist)

  3. Patch biodegradable bandages (Wild Minimalist)

  4. Kids sunscreen stick (Wild Minimalist)

  5. Eco-crayons (Earthhero)

  6. Eco play dough (Earthhero)

  7. Non-toxic, earth-friendly face paint (Earthhero)

  8. Crayon rocks (Eco Girl Shop)

  9. Wooden Yo-Yo (Eco Girl Shop)


  1. Tea strainers and loose leaf tea

  2. Loofah kitchen scrubber (Tiny Yellow Bungalow)

  3. Beeswax food wraps (Zero Waste Store) or vegan wax wraps by khala cloth

  4. Wooden dish brush (Ecoroots, Wild minimalist, etc)

  5. Silicone baking mat

  6. Bowl covers from Hearth and Vine


  1. Shampoo/conditioner bars (CONCENTR8ED)

  2. Soap pouch (Seifen-sackchen)

  3. Cleaning bars (CONCENTR8ED)

  4. Bamboo toothbrushes (the other straw, brush with bamboo)

  5. Stainless steel razor (Wowe, Ecoroots, etc)

  6. Stainless steel ear pick (instead of single-use cotton buds)

  7. Wattestabchen biodegradable cotton swabs

  8. Yay for Earth sensitive skin lotion (comes in glass)

  9. Plastic-free hair ties (Kooshoo)

  10. Silk Dental Floss (Radius)

  11. Flosspot compostable floss

  12. Plaine Products travel-size body wash and face wash (comes in aluminum!)

  13. Eco-deodorant from Hammond Herbs or Native Deodorant

  14. Reusable cotton rounds from Ecoroots

  15. Beard oil (Zero Waste Store, currently not available) or on esty

  16. Cosmetics from Josie Maran like argan oil

  17. Reusable menstrual products like menstrual panties from Thinx

  18. Davids natural toothpaste

  19. Watch the entire video here for a Davids toothpaste review or read the full review here

  20. BunchaFarmers hand/body wash

  21. BunchaFarmers organic lip balm

  22. Vegan organic lip balm in a biodegradable paper tube (Tiny Yellow Bungalow)

  23. Peppermint lip balm in cardboard from Wholesome Culture

  24. Quartz, Jade, Rose, or another stone roller (Zero Waste Store or Eco Girl Shop)

  25. Organic/vegan dry shampoo (Tiny Yellow Bungalow)

  26. 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner bar (Tiny Yellow Bungalow)

  27. Silk scrunchies (Ecoroots)

  28. Facial cleaning car (Ecoroots)

  29. Vegan face mask (Ecoroots)

  30. Bamboo soap dish (Ecoroots)

  31. Toothpaste tabs (Ecoroots)

  32. Lena Menstrual cup (Ecoroots)

  33. Bath salts (Ethical Shop)

  34. Face masks (Ethical shop)

  35. Foamie shampoo bar

  36. Watch the entire video here for a Foamie Shampoo bar review or read the full review here

  37. Wabi Sabi suds has soaps, body scrubs, and body butters


  1. Socks (Allbirds, Ecosox, REI, etc.)

  2. You can watch my entire eco-friendly sock review video here or read the blog post version here

  3. Other organic/cotton undergarments (organic basics, etc)

  4. Pela phone case

  5. You can watch the Pela phone case review video here or read the blog post version here

  6. Recycled ocean litter bracelet from 4ocean

  7. Tentree’s Purcell mittens

  8. Cork wallets from Tentree

  9. Kurt beanie from Tentree

  10. Pela also makes sunglasses

  11. Hoop earrings (Earthhero)

  12. Pride necklace (Earthhero)

  13. Organic liquid foundation (Eco Girl Shop)

  14. Mineral Eyeshadow Trio (Eco Girl Shop)

  15. Organic mascara (Eco Girl Shop)

  16. Eco-friendly make-up

  17. Pela griply (similar to a popsocket)

  18. Pela smart watch bands

  19. Pela card holders

  20. Pela screen protector

Travel/Zero waste essentials:

  1. Bamboo straw (the other straw)