Why I use Almond Oil

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I used to buy expensive under-eye moisturizer that was loaded with chemical that I couldn't pronounce and came in non-recyclable plastic. Sounded like a lose-lose-lose to me. I also saw very minimal results.

So, I began searching for cheaper and more natural remedies for under-eye circles when I came across almond oil.

I found this glass jar on amazon for just about $9 and this bottle will last me for a long time. I have been using it as an under-eye moisturizer for probably three months now, and my supply has not even dropped below the neck yet. This option is better for your health, better for our water ways, uses minimal plastic, and you get more bang for your buck.

This oil can also be used in place of a lotion. I have been using it on my new ear piercing to reduce scabbing. It would also probably work really well on cuticles and as a massage oil.

There are so many benefits to switching your normalized beauty products for something more natural and these are just the benefits I have experienced.

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