Why Chamomile helps me reduce my waste

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I love being blonde but as I have grown older (and I am being forced to spend more time indoors), my hair has become darker and darker. Everyone suggests that I just get highlights but I refuse. The chemicals in hair dye will wash down the drain and have negative effects on the environment and image what it might do to your health. Not to mention that it is expensive and will wear away eventually.

So, I tried to make my own hair lightening spray. I make about 1-2 cups of highly concentrated chamomile tea and add some lemon juice. Both of these ingredients are known to help lighten hair. I spray it on before work to keep my baby hairs in my bun and I try my best to use it before going outside since the sun is also good at lightening hair.

And of course, I chose this gigantic bag because it came in paper but you can chose whatever brand you want. I dream of the day that I live near a bulk store and can find things like this locally.

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