Using Yoga to Heal your Body (Pillow Yoga + Period Yoga)

Today’s post is something a little out of the ordinary for me but still something that is important. I’ve been sorta into yoga for the last three years or so but never got into a steady practice. I love taking classes and following videos, though! I think online courses still fit well into the realm of sustainability because they allow you to work on your hobbies or activities without purchasing a physical item or driving/flying anywhere to do the course!

My new friend, Maja, has launched a yoga course in a series of videos you can access any time you want (after purchase). But, it’s not just any yoga, it’s yoga designed to help our bodies heal and be in less pain during our periods.

I love Maja’s take on this course. She reminds us how sacred it is to be a woman and embrace our monthly flow instead of hiding it in shame and keeping it taboo. It’s natural and beautiful and her yoga course captures that.

The course is designed around the different days of your cycle. Some days are relaxing and easy when you’re most uncomfortable, bloated, and in pain. Other days are focused on stretching. But, all the days are designed to be done even in bed or another comfy area (but you can still do this on your mat if you want). The course ends with deep breathing and meditation to remember to be mindful during this time as well.

What is the benefit?

This course is a one time purchase and you can use it for every cycle for the rest of your life (or just use it to relax during the rest of your month). Yoga is also beneficial for the mind, joints, and other muscles so it will be a benefit to all parts of your body during your cycle. Plus, this can help you feel comfortable and more productive. Plus, yoga is a fantastic low-waste activity!

Who would benefit from this course?

Anyone with a period or anyone who wants easy but deep relaxation. I found it great to do even when I wasn’t on my period just because it’s so relaxing and it’s great to unwind after a long day of work or school. But, it is specifically designed for your period and helping to ease the pain.

Exercising on your period

It is important to listen to your body and not get discouraged if you can’t lift as much or run as far during different parts of your cycle. Some days throughout the month, you probably have higher energy and dopamine which can help you exercise better and want to exercise. But, other times during your cycle you probably have low energy and your body doesn’t feel as good. Trust this process and take this time to stretch and do some pillow yoga instead of dead-lifting or running a 5K.

Where can I buy the course and learn more?

You can learn more about Maja and the pillow yoga course on her website linked here. You can also purchase the course via her website. The course is roughly $94 and you get so much from it. First, you’re paying for Maja’s hard work in designing this course by hand. But, you also get access to yoga videos for each day of your period as well as meditation/deep breathing. You definitely get your money’s worth, especially knowing you get to keep this course for the rest of your periods!

I am so happy to have met Maja via Instagram. This course has been such a benefit to me all times of the month and I know it will benefit you. Mindfulness and yoga is something I want to incorporate more into my routine in 2021 as I work on my work-life balance and mental health. I know this course will be beneficial to you too.

Have any more questions? You can comment below, DM me on Instagram, or DM Maja on Instagram, too. Don’t forget to check out her site for more information if you’re curious.

Thank you so much for reading along, I appreciate your time. Here’s to good health and embracing all the amazing things our bodies can do!

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Emma :)

* This course was gifted to me by Maja, thank you! But, all of these views and opinions are my own, I was not paid to write this review.

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