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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I set out on a quest to find the perfect, large, reusable straws. I was being extremely picky about it, too. I preferred a Boba or “large” size that would be perfect for any beverage. They can be used for milkshakes, smoothies, and even just juice and water, unlike smaller straws which are unsuitable for anything thicker than juice. I definitely did not just want to buy from any ole company from amazon or that I found on Google. I wanted a reputable brand that was open and honest and gave back. And if that was not enough, I only wanted metal or some type of wood because they are the most sustainable and have the least chance of breaking.

This large straw is perfect for thick smoothies or milkshakes!

With all those criteria in mind, I searched through at least a dozen brands. That is when I landed upon The Other Straw. What drew me in was their mission. They are dedicated to not only helping others reduce their waste, but reducing their own waste. I feel like a lot of small pop up companies and even larger companies have hopped on the reusable straw bandwagon and began green-washing us. These brands often pack their “reusable” plastic straws in plastic and ship them in plastic and they are not made ethically.

This is what I wanted to avoid.

And this is why I was so intrigued and happy when I found The Other Straw. I was so pleased to see my package come in recycled paper and they even wrapped my pack of straws in upcycled newspaper. They don’t even buy brand new packing paper! They use what has already been created and that made me so happy. Any other tags or objects were made out of paper or twine which can be composted or recycled. I was a happy customer since day one.

Their recycled paper packaging

My cat even enjoyed them as toys! Which is clearly not the point. But, just for a little humor, she knocked them off the table and separated all the items which I had to hunt down. Keep reading to find out what happened to one of the straws!

Boba/Large Straw Review:

What is included in this package: two large straws, one natural brush cleaner, and one organic cotton storage bag.


- Made out of bamboo, the most sustainable form of "wood" (did you know bamboo is technically a grass?)

- The organic cotton bag, perfect for keeping in my purse or bag

- All parts of this straw, cleaner, and bag are made from natural and sustainably sourced materials

- It is the perfect size for Boba or milkshakes or anything for that matter. Probably the height of a normal straw.

- Bamboo doesn’t get as cold as metal (I get cold easily and really enjoy this feature)

- Can be used for any beverage, unlike smaller sized straws.

- Bamboo is also compostable so it is easy to dispose of at the end of its life without large amounts of guilt going with it to the landfill

* Side note: I would highly recommend just getting a larger straw when getting your first set of straws to avoid buying multiple sets.


- The thin bamboo can be a little fragile. When Mochi played with the straws, one of them cracked. It is pretty small and the straw can still be used, but still a con for me. This does make me a little nervous to carry this in my bag.

- The brush cleaner seems more suitable for smaller straws. I feel like the brush should pull right through without me having to try to scrape the sides. In my opinion, a bigger cleaner would be much more practical for cleaning this size straw.

- The cotton bag was also a little smaller for this size of straw. The smaller straws would probably be perfect in this bag, but the larger straws seemed a little cramped.

The upcycled newspaper that they wrapped my straws in

The Other Straw Company Review:


- They are conscious about helping others reduce their waste while also being conscious of themselves

- They are open, honest, and transparent

- Uses repurposed newspaper instead of brand new packing paper (can you tell I am hyped about this?)

- Ships packaged in recycled paper, includes no plastic in their packaging

- Offers more than just straws (several sizes of straws, utensils, and bowls)

- Offers a discount code for you to share with friends and family to inspire more and more people to reduce their waste

- Very reasonable price

- They ship to armed forces addresses! Huge win for me especially with smaller/not American brands. 

Bag from Green Spirits, bamboo ware is from amazon, and chopsticks were new but thrifted


- A big con for me, just because of where I live, is that they are an Australian company. This is fine if you are Aussie or live in New Zealand, but if you live anywhere else, this requires quite a bit of shipping. 

- It took my package a few weeks to get to me. This is not the end of the world for me personally, but I know some people don't appreciate this. Though, I can attribute this to two possibilities: 1. I have a weird address and most smaller businesses have a hard time shipping here or 2. They wanted to reduce their emissions further and sent it on a boat rather than a plane

As you can see, everything that was a personal con of mine was pretty minor and might change depending on your preference and location in the world.

I love and support this company and will definitely buy from them again should my straws or bamboo utensils get too worn out to be used any more. I love everything they support, encourage, and stand behind. I love that they use natural and sustainable materials that can be composted instead of thrown into the landfill. And I really love the affordability and honesty from this brand.

Sustainability rating: 9.5/10 (not sure anyone can be perfectly sustainable, but they are up there)

Quality rating: 8/10 (for the crack and the bad and cleaner are a bit small)

Price rating: 10/10 (very affordable for the quality)

Overall rating: 9.2/10

*ratings are based on my opinions alone

For more information or to shop The Other Straw, check out their website and Instagram.

And, don't forget to use code "STRAWSOME10" for 10% off your order! And spread the sustainable word with others to encourage more and more people to reduce their waste.

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- Emma :)

* Disclaimer: this was not a paid review and I was not gifted these items. The link is not an affiliate link. The opinions in this review are strictly my own.

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