The first swap you should make: a reusable water bottle

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I feel like this is most people's first sustainable switch and I understand why it is. It is such a simple switch, will save you money, and drastically cuts your waste especially at the beginning of your low waste journey.

This is not a new habit for me. I grew up playing sports and in order to save on money, we had a few reusable bottles lying around our house or we would just refill plastic bottles. I finally moved out to live on my own and realized how much waste I would be preventing and bought a sturdy, stainless steel (to keep drinks colder, longer) water bottle that I could take with me anywhere. I always have it with me around the house, at work, and when traveling.

This is one of the easiest switches you can make to lower your waste. The best part is that you can pick any style that suits you best. You can chose your own brand, size, color, material and even customize it with stickers.

Even if your city, state, region, etc. claims that the water is not good to drink, you can even buy a water bottle with a built in filter or you can get a separate filter to attach to your faucet or a filtering pitcher. Of course, look into your local water source and make sure it will be safe after filtering it.

As important as it is to reduce your waste, safe and clean drinking water always come first.

Another easy thing to do is to educate others and inspire them to also start using a reusable water bottle and filter.


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