Reusable zipper bags and produce bags

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This was another gift I got for my sister-in-law when I gifted her the bamboo utensils. This brand is specifically silicone free (since she is allergic) but I am sure there are other brands out there. I also opted for this pack because it came with reusable produce bags.

But, as with most of these products, you don't have to buy them brand new. If you don't want to splurge, just reuse your Ziploc bags over and over.

Most of my produce bags I have made or I reused bags that we got potatoes in. You don't have to get fancy and spend a lot of money right off the bat in order to reduce your waste. It can be simple.

Now, there are perks to a lot of silicone bag brands:

- Most are dishwasher and freezer safe

- They are easier to clean

- A lot of them also have wide bases so they can stand up on their own as opposed to standard zipper bags

You don't even have to buy this brand, there are plenty of brands out there and I am sure you can even find them locally.

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