Madewell Swimsuit and Company review

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Summer is coming to an end which means big retailers are probably going to put their swimsuits on clearance. But, if you're wanting to be more eco-friendly, ditch the sales and cheaply made swimsuits. I know it is hard to pass up a good bargain, but you need to think of the environmental impact of your clothing.

Instead, try searching for more eco-friendly brands to purchase from. At the beginning of the summer, I search far and wide (probably every single eco-friendly brand you can think of) for the perfect swimsuit for this summer. I wanted a one-piece for a change, something a little classier and that I can wear when actually swimming laps or snorkeling for a little more coverage. I finally found one from Madewell. Here is a little bit about their company from the website:

- They are fair trade certified, providing maternity and paid leave

- Women employees receive equal pay and rights

- They do not use harmful chemicals

- Their goal is to limit their water and energy use

- They have a denim recycling program

Courtesy of Madewell's website

- They are participants in the UPS carbon neutral shipping program

- LED lighting is used in their stores which last longer than traditional bulbs

- Their clothing samples are donated to the Blue Jeans Go Green program, Good360, and FabScrap saving over approximately 27 tons of C02 emissions

- Recycled and sustainable materials are used whenever possible

- And much more! To check out more see their website

Now, onto an honest swimsuit review:

I bought the "Madewell second wave ribbed crisscross one-piece swimsuit." I got it in red, but unfortunately it is sold out at the moment.


About the suit

- It fits true to size. I am typically a medium, I ordered medium, and it fit really well!

- The style is exactly what it looked like online

- The booty is full coverage which is definitely a plus for me. I don't like having to pick a wedgie every five minutes and it also stays really well

- It is classy and elegant, but can also be flaunted and sexy if you chose. Therefore, I'd say it is perfect for any occasion

- I'd say the whole suit is full coverage other than the back. I feel confident, but also modest

About the company

- Shipping was quick, even to Japan

- With their products, they have different sized models: tall, skinny, short, and "plus-size" AKA, not-your-typical-model-size

- Their ethics and morals are just what I like to see in a company. They are very transparent when it comes to materials, shipping, wages, and more


About the suit:

- The straps are not adjustable. I had to cut and sew my straps to fit better and....

- The strap elastic seems to be wearing out. It needs cut and sewn again so the girls don't fall out

- The only way it doesn't fit perfectly (other than the straps) is that is it a little bit baggy in the sides and don't hug my curves and quite frankly make me look boxy

About the company:

- A little pricier than any other swimsuit I bought (but you pay for quality and fair wages so I am okay with this). Still cheaper than other sustainable brands, though

Sustainability rating: 6/10 (though this brand is doing quite a bit for sustainability, I'm not sure this suit is quite up to par)

Quality rating: 8/10 (pretty good quality, but I do not like the non-adjustable straps)

Price rating: 8/10 (very affordable for the quality, still quite pricey though. But, honestly on the low-end for sustainably made swimsuits)

Overall rating: 7.3/10

*ratings are based on my opinions alone

As you can see, I don't have much to complain about. This company is awesome in my opinion and there was very little wrong with the swimsuit, all of which can be fixed. Of course, every body is different so this might not be the case for everyone.

I would shop from Madewell again if I ever need to buy something brand new. This is a company I feel good about supporting.

I plan on getting a lot of wear out of this swimsuit and making it last as long as possible.

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Thanks for reading!


For more, check out their Instagram and website:

*I bought this item with my own money and was not sponsored for this review, therefore, please take it as an honest review of the product and company

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