Learning to mend my own clothes

Updated: May 18, 2020

Growing up, I learned how to sew by hand but never with a machine. Since living on my own I figured that that would be a good skill to have. I took a class and found a machine second hand and got to work.

I had a few pieces that I had that I just needed to alter or mend. My other project had to do with my abundance of t-shirts I had. I knew no one would buy them second hand because they were either mostly shirts from school or from blood drives.

So, I made an easy pattern and began turning shirts into reusable grocery and produce bags. I take some to the store with me and sent some to my parents. It ended up being a great way to reuse materials instead of throwing them away.

I tried to find these scissors online for a decent price and that didn't use that much plastic.

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