Green Spirits Product and Company Review

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I am new to sustainable and ethical shopping, but Green Spirits is a brand I will confidently support throughout my low waste journey. I have now ordered two products from them, the black “water bottle” tee and the canvas “There is no Planet B” tote.

Let’s start out with some things this company believes in and stands for:

- Every month, Green Spirits picks a new charity to donate 10% of their profits to.

- The designs are created by local artists, giving each piece a unique, handmade feel.

- The materials are sustainably and ethically sourced.

- Everyone in the production chain gets paid fair wages.

- They use post-consumer packaging when applicable and they minimize their use of plastic.

- They work with their customers to make sure they get the order they want and help them to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

“Water Bottle” Shirt Review:

I ordered it in a size medium.


- It is incredibly soft. This was the first thing I noticed when I opened my box and I couldn’t wait to try it on.

- The design is so unique and the colors are still bold on the black background. It’s a conversation piece .

- It is comfy and can be dressed down or even dressed up.

- The price is very reasonable for a brand new, ethically sourced tee. Other brands can cost a lot more and I have seen unsustainable and unethical brands with more expensive tees


- The tee is a bit bigger than other mediums I have owned, but honestly this is not an issue for me personally. I enjoy baggier shirts, but if you don’t I would suggest ordering a size down, especially if you are on the verge of small and medium

- Online, the shirt looks like it came in velvet, which kinda scared me, but I ordered it anyway. It’s not velvet in case you were wondering.

“There is no Planet B” Tote Review:


- The design is lovely, vibrant, and has a good message.

- The bag is soft and durable and feels like it can handle a significant amount of weight.


- The bag is slightly smaller than anticipated. I was expecting a more squared off bottom that I could use for groceries. Even for a beach bag it is kind of small. It would function more as a day bag or purse.

Company Review:


- Green Spirits is so transparent, you can always trust that you know where your items are coming from/being sources/being made.

- A reasonably priced, vegan, ethical, and sustainable company. What more could you want?

- It was a company created out of the goodness of the owner’s heart, not from greed and lust for money.


- Only one “con:” my packages took a while to get to me. But, I can’t be mad at Green Spirits since I live on a tiny island and have a P.O. Box on a military base. My address is weird and I live in a pretty remote location, so you might not experience this. Let me know if you have good luck with shipping!

This is a brand I would recommend to people just starting out on their sustainable/ethical journey. It is a brand we can trust and won’t hide things from their customers. They are fairly priced, but also pay their suppliers fair wages.

I would shop at Green Spirits again if I ever need anything brand new. They even just launched water bottles if you are new to this journey and need a place to start.

Sustainability rating: 9.5/10 (not sure anyone can be perfectly sustainable, but they are up there)

Quality rating: 8/10 (for the print coming off my shirt)

Price rating: 10/10 (very affordable for the quality)

Overall rating: 9.2/10

*ratings are based on my opinions alone

Thanks for reading! If you want to place an order yourself, you can use code “EMMA10” for 10% off your order to support a small, ethical business.

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*Disclaimer: I bought these items with my own money and was not sponsored for this review, therefore, please take it as an honest review of the product and company

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