Eco-friendly poop bags, Pet-N-Pet Review

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

This, in my opinion, is one of the easiest and most important switches you can make when trying to live more sustainably with a pet.

Imagine how many poop bags you need for your dog each week or each year. Poop bags are typically made of plastic, packaged in plastic, and have a plastic core. These bags are only used for seconds at a time and they will spend hundreds of years on Earth trying to break down.

Not a fan.

The good news is that there are many brands out there that strive for sustainability and to be eco-friendly. But, Pet-N-Pet is the best brand that I have found personally.

A lot of other "eco-friendly" bags can claim that title because their products contain additional chemicals that help the plastic in the bags break down. Because the bags break down, they are considered "eco-friendly" because the rules and regulations are not black and white. I was definitely not for that.

Instead, I found Pet-N-Pet, a brand that uses 100% plant material to make their bags. They are made out of corn starch and the packaging is nearly 100% cardboard except for the little window and the stickers that hold the bags to their rolls (which can be removed and thrown away separately). The bags are compostable (industrially) and contain NO plastic!

I was confirmed that they were made out of plant materials when Denahi picked one up one day and tried to eat it (see more of that here). We have also accidentally left some in our yard, but we found out that they naturally break down within just a few weeks, even without being composted industrially.

Pros of the Company:

- They are obviously striving to be more sustainable and limit plastic use

- Their product contains no polyethylene plastic

Cons of the Company:

- It seems as if their website no longer has their compostible bags, but you can use this link here to get to them on amazon

- They still sell a lot of items in and made out of plastic, which is a shame

Overall, it seems like a company that is trying their best and doing some good in the world, but of course could use some improvements. On to the bag review!

Pros of the bags:

- Made out of 100% plant-based materials, no plastic in the bag itself

- Can order from amazon or their website

- Pretty cost effective, not much more than traditional bags

- They are still very strong and durable, just don't be too rough with them (obviously)

Cons of the bags:

- Your dog might try to eat them because they are made out of plant material

- They still have a plastic window on the box and plastic stickers, which could (and hopefully will one day) easily be swapped for something more sustainable

- Slightly inconvenient since I have to order them, but I am still willing to make the change

You're probably thinking that this might be an expensive swap, but it is not. We did the math and it came out to only be a few dollars more (and that is including the shipping) than traditional plastic bags. And to me, the swap and a few bucks is worth it to reduce my carbon footprint and to preserve out Earth a little more. Imagine if everyone made the swap!

This is such an easy swap. And, like I said, there are many brands out there. Just look for the ingredients to make sure the "eco-friendly" bags that you chose do not contain plastic.

For more tips on how to live sustainably with a pet, click here!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if there are other brands of bags that you like.

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- Emma

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