Eco-Friendly Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday is an inherently consumeristic "holiday", but that doesn't mean we can't still shop responsibly.

Eco-friendly items are usually more expensive (they pay their worker's fair wages, use sustainably sourced materials, etc), so now is honestly a great time to take advantage if you NEED something.

You can learn more about the impact of Black Friday in this video

First, ask yourself,:

  • Do I really need this item?

  • Can I find it second-hand instead?

  • How am I going to use this item after I buy it?

  • Will I use it for a long time?

  • Where am I going to store it?

  • How am I going to use it?

  • Am I just going to toss it in a few months?

If so, take advantage of some of these amazing eco-friendly brands in 2021:


Zero Waste Online Stores

  • Brightly, running several discounts through 27 November 2021

  • EarthHero, 20% off sitewide through 1 December 2021 with code "BF2021"

  • Greater Good, running several discounts through Black Friday AND you get to support a charitable cause of your choice. Use code "SHIP49" to get free US standard shipping on orders over $49

  • Etsy, up to 60% off select items through 1 December 2021

  • Package Free Shop, 40% off order with code "BLACKFRIDAY"


  • Pela compostable phone cases, Black Friday prices AND use code "EMMA" for an additional 40% off

  • Pact, eco apparel, entire site on sale through 27 November 2021

  • Ana Luisa, eco jewelry, buy one get one 60% off though Black Friday

  • Ten Tree, eco apparel, 50% off everything through 1 December 2021 (and shop on Giving Tuesday for a 10% donation with purchase)

  • Girlfriend Collective, 20% off everything through Black Friday

  • Conscious Step, eco, organic, and Fairtrade socks, $10 off select gift sets and some marked down to $10

  • Wolven, recycled activewear, 40% off sitewide until 29 November 2021

Household Goods

  • Made Trade furniture and other home goods, use codes "GIVE10" to give 10% of your purchase to plant orchards or "GET10" to get 10% off for yourself from 26-29 November 2021

  • Avocado Mattress, running several different sales through 6 December 2021

  • Tushy Bidets, save $90 on a Tushy two-pack through Black Friday

  • Buffy, eucalyptus comforters, 20% off sitewide through Black Friday

If you want more ideas, you can check out this post from Conscious Life and Style or this one from Earth Friendly Tips.

Need more gift ideas still? These items might not necessarily be on discount, but you can check out my 2019 gift guide here and my 2020 gift guide here. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for my 2021 gift guide coming 1 December 2021!

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Thanks so much for reading! As always, remember that your small changes have a big impact in the long run :)


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