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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Time for another brand review! I am so excited to tell you about this brand. They are not necessarily new, but I think this brand needs more recognition among the zero waste community and here's why: they develop all of their products from natural and organic materials, most products come in cardboard, and they have even developed a very low waste stain remover.

If you'd rather watch a video unboxing/review, be sure to click here.

I stumbled upon BunchaFarmers when I was creating my blog post for 60 sustainable brands gift guide. I found this through another zero-waste blogger and was so intrigued. So, I was perusing their site and noticed that their photos were a bit bland or generic. I thought they could use some brightening up and a bit of flair and thought I could offer that. I made a simple offer: a few products in exchange for a blog review, a video review, and free photos for their site and they agreed!

These items might have been gifted, but I have not been paid to do this review so please understand that this is an honest review.

Let's jump right in!

Natural, low waste stain remover:

This is why I was interested in this company. The initiative is spot on. It is made from natural and biodegradable ingredients. With only 7 ingredients that are easy to pronounce, this stain stick comes in cardboard.


- Very low-waste/comes in cardboard (hard to find for stain removers)

- Natural, organic, and biodegradable materials

- Does not contain water/only weighs 2 oz so shipping is low on emissions (you can learn more about this in my video)

- No artificial dyes or perfumes

- Vegan


- It didn't work as great on some of the stains I tested (see the full range of stains I tried to get out here as well as all the disclaimers to my experiment)

Country Fresh Laundry Detergent:


- No chemicals, all-natural

- Works in regular washing machines

- Also has stain-fighting ingredients

- Small size includes enough for 50 loads and the large is 100 loads

- Vegan

- Works just as good as commercial laundry detergent


- Comes in plastic, could probably use another material

- The scoop is also plastic AND came inside a super tiny plastic bag which I thought was unnecessary

Hand/Body Soap Bars:

Disclaimer: I only tried one scent in order to give the rest away on my Instagram.


- Comes in cardboard

- Great for sensitive skin with Manuka Honey for healing (it is very soft!)

- Handmade in Canada

- Natural and biodegradable

- Suds up well, works as well as any other bar


- Not vegan due to honey, unless you are okay with honey and wax

- The edges are very rigid which makes it hard to handle as a body bar

Honey Lips Lip Balms:

Disclaimer: I only tried one flavor in order to give the rest away on my Instagram.


- Super soft, probably my new favorite lip balm

- Scent is strong and true to name

- Comes in 6 flavors

- Gluten and Paraben free

- All-natural ingredients


- Not vegan due to wax and honey oil, unless you are okay with that

- Comes in plastic, could probably use another material

Company Review:


- All-natural ingredients

- No dyes or artificial scents

- Safe on the environment, on kids, on pets, and on all life!

- Most things come in cardboard

- Included no extra plastic in my package

- All products work well

- Everything is made in Canada where workers get paid fairly


- Not everything is vegan

- Some products still come in plastic

- The honey is from New Zealand which is not ideal, emissions wise. This product needs to be shipped to Canada before processing and then distributed throughout the rest of the world.

Sustainability rating: 6/10 (most items are sourced naturally, but most require a lot of shipping and/or come in plastic)

Quality rating: 9/10 (my only complaint is that they are not vegan)

Price rating: 10/10 (very affordable for the quality)

Overall rating: 8.3/10

*ratings are based on my opinions alone

Though there are a few cons, I still trust and support BunchaFarmers. Everyone will have their own views and these are mine. Not every company/brand is perfect as you might have seen in my other reviews.

BunchaFarmers is going a lot of good in the world by being at the forefront of non-toxic cleaners, household items, soaps, and more. That is clearly their focus. I hope throughout the coming years, they begin to focus on less plastic and offering vegan options for all of their products.

I hope you enjoyed this review and learned a lot from it. Don't forget to check out their website to purchase these items for yourself!

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- Emma

Enjoy these extra photos!

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