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100 Ways to Live Zero Waste from Home

Designed in 2020 for covid-times, but still applicable any day, any year, this guide is perfect for home bodies and busy bees alike. This guide is a perfect starting point if you're new to zero waste or if you're pretty well established. Go on, give it a read, it's free ;)

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A Beginner's Guide to Spotting Greenwashing

Greenwashing is hard to identify and it fools all of us every now and then. Greenwashing is when companies try to come off as green or eco to make sales. Let's dive into what greenwashing is, what tactics are used, some real-life examples, and a practical exercise to test your knowledge. 

How to Save Money by Living Zero Waste

Coming soon!

This guide is perfect for all my frugal friends. What better incentive to go zero waste than to SAVE MONEY (except maybe saving the planet...)?? This guide will break down precise money-saving tips just from living more sustainably and even an approximate amount of money you will save. What are you waiting for, even my guide is free!?


Emma Dendler

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My name is Emma. I am working on living more sustainably, one day at a time, one easy swap at a time. I am here to give you my tips as I learn them...


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The Lazy Person's Guide to Living Zero Waste

Believe me, I'm as lazy as the next guy! So, when I first transitioned to living more sustainably, I thought, how can I do this the lazy way. I think I figured out quite a few ways and I couldn't keep them to myself! I just had to share them with you all. Go on, download the guide for free, now!

Coming soon!

1-Year Zero Waste Challenge

This challenge is designed for those brand new to the zero waste world, but if you're not new, feel free to join in as some of these challenges might be new to you too! Plus, the challenge, is free, so why not join in! This challenge will help you make small changes every day that will eventually lead to you being more sustainable as the end of the year. Are you game? Let's go!

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