Here are some brands I love and am working with. If the link denotes "affiliate," that means I get a small commission. Help me while also helping you! And, some of the brands do not pay me, but I just work with them to offer you some sweet discounts. I hope you enjoy and love all the brands that I love and support. 

Raw Elements USA

Discount Code: EMMA10

Eco Roots Zero Waste Store

Wuka Period Underwear

Pela Case

Use Code WMSIMPLE at checkout

Whole Roll Toilet Paper (Use code SIMPLE20 for 20% off)

Reel Toilet Paper

Whisper Bidets

Made Trade Eco Bedding

Alohas Sustainable Shoes

Terra Thread Bags

Earthlove Eco Essentials

Sheets & Giggles Eco Bedding

ECOS Paints


Emma Dendler

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Pela Vision (Pela's Sunglasses)

Tap Tap Organics (beauty and health)

Pure Earth Pets Inc (eco pet supplies)

Everist Shampoo Concentrate

Huppy (toothpaste tabs)

Cloud Paper (eco toilet paper)

Petal (refillable foaming hand soap)

Zero Waste Store

Eco-Friendly Crafts

Allbirds (shoes, socks, and other clothes)

Organic Basics (clothing)

Ten Tree (clothing)

TruEarth (laundry sheets)

Noice Dental Gel

Bim Bam Boo (eco toilet paper)

Who Gives a Crap (eco toilet paper)

Glad Rags (reusable pads and menstrual cups)

Kent (eco undergarments)

Thinx (period underwear)

Butterbean Organics (sunscreen, use code EMMA832)

EIR (sunscreen, use code EMMA10)